One Company Leader's View of Working With Charles

"It's lonely at the top. The interesting thing about cliches? They usually are true.

I found myself needing to question many things once I was in a leadership position - the people around me, the business pressures, client issues and most importantly, my talent, myself, my future.

Working with Charles I have been able to face and start to answer the hard questions that before I simply ignored. A confidential confidant with whom you can share your weaker traits, ironically, can make you a stronger leader."

Eric Schmidt on the Importance of an Outside Perspective

Who Do YOU Talk To?

Being the leader is a lonely job. 

Leadership requires worrying about the present one minute, the future the next, and your clients and shareholders all the time.
It demands you balance the expectations of your most demanding talent with the needs of the whole organization.
It means doing what you think is right even when you don't have evidence to support the decision.
It expects that you will always have the answer.

It requires you do all this, almost perfectly, without rehearsal or practice, every day.

These are standards the greatest athletes and entertainers could never reach. Standards most business leaders try to meet by themselves. 

I act as a confidant to people leading some of the most demanding companies in some of the most disruptive industries.

My job is to help them use their time and energy to maximum effect on their businesses and their careers.

We focus on three areas:

  • Increasing their leadership impact
  • Defining their personal brand and bringing it to life
  • Improving their quality of life

My clients see immediate and long-lasting results.

I can be reached in complete confidence at

When you're the leader, nothing has more impact on your business than how well you do your job. 

There is no advantage to be gained by carrying that responsibility alone.