Chris Tardio on Her Work With Women Business Leaders

What A Recent Client Had To Say

It is very easy to take a passive role in our lives and then wonder how we got where we are.  Often as a result of fear and simply being too busy, it's easier to just let things happen as oppose to taking an active role in our futures.  When we started out, I wanted someone, in this case, Chris, to tell me what I "should" do next.  That way, if I made a mistake, it wouldn't be on me!  Both to my comfort and dismay, Chris really helped me to think about what is really important to me, be accountable for my own path and, finally to both advise and support me in the steps that need to be taken to achieve that.

Chris took the time to understand me as a whole person and not just in my career life.   She manages to use her varied experience, both personal and as a successful business woman, to impart knowledge and suggestions in a way that I didn't feel like I was being told what to do but was gaining keen insight on situations she had already walked through ahead of me.  In turn, that gave me a confidence to trust in the process and what it was I wanted to do, in a different way than I was capable of getting to alone.

We all work so hard these days, everything melds into one and Chris recognizes how imperative it is to consider all facets of someone's life to achieve happiness on a whole and not just in work.

Writing and Teaching
Chris is in her second year as the Resident Business Coach at
She is honored to coach at the Harvard Business School in their Executive Education program:


Chris Tardio

Helping Women Business Leaders Fulfill Their Potential

I help my clients...

  • See their strengths more clearly
  • Present themselves more powerfully
  • Define their goals and dreams more specifically
  • Do more of what they care about

My philosophy...

  • Each client is unique
  • Lasting results come from a process built on trust
  • True insight comes from listening with empathy and sensitivity
  • Every solution must be strategic, practical and actionable

"I'm a big believer in designing the future you want, and using your strengths to get there. My job is to help you be clear about both."

My career has been as a business builder and entrepreneur focused on helping people fulfill their potential.

From six remarkable years with Oprah - guiding the early evolution of a local talk show host in to a media icon; to being the founder and COO of one of the most innovative, successful and awarded international creative companies in the media and communications industry; to consulting with businesses of all sizes – from start-ups to multi-nationals. 

Through that journey, the thing that has given me the most joy has been mentoring, guiding and helping women.  Acting as a confidant allows me to use my knowledge, insights and experiences to help other women build careers – and lives - that are successful, meaningful and joyful.